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Heavy rain, possible flooding in SA's eastern interior

The SA Weather Service (SAWS) forecasts heavy rain that could lead to localised flooding in the north-eastern parts of the country on Thursday and Friday, 22-23 March. Rain is expected in most of the country except for the south-western parts of SA. Alerts A warning has been issued for the...
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Severe thunderstorms in Eastern Cape, high fire danger conditions expected in Northern Cape

Severe thunderstorms and fire danger conditions can be expected in parts of SA on Tuesday, 20 March, while a 30% chance of rain has been forecast across most of the country's eastern and northern parts. According to South African Weather Service (SAWS), on Tuesday, extremely high fire danger conditions are...
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Widespread showers across most of SA as flood alert issued for parts of Eastern Cape

South African Weather Service (SAWS) alerts that heavy rain and flooding is expected in parts of Eastern Cape on Thursday, 15 March, while widespread showers have been forecast across most of SA. Alerts For Thursday, SAWS issued a watch for heavy rain leading to localised flooding is expected along the...
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Fire warning for western interior, scattered showers for eastern interior

The SA Weather Service has issued a warning of high fire danger conditions over most Northern Cape, while scattered afternoon showers are forecast for the eastern interior of SA. High fire danger conditions Besides Northern Cape, high fire danger conditions are also forecast for the western parts of North West,...
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Widespread showers expected as temperatures cool down across most of SA

Widespread showers and thundershowers are expected across most of the country on Thursday, 8 March, bringing cooler temperatures in parts. While a 30%-80% chance of rain can be expected in central and eastern SA, western parts - particularly the drought-stricken parts of Western and Northern Capes continue to remain dry....
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High temperatures across most of SA, severe thunderstorms in the east

Most of the country can expect hot weather and scattered showers on Wednesday, 7 March, as the South African Weather Service (SAWS) predicts a 30% to 80% chance of rain in places across central SA.  Rainfall SAWS predicts 80% chance of rain over eastern parts of Eastern Cape on Wednesday....
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