Mild to hot day, with showers in parts of the east


Most of the country is expected to experience a cool start to Wednesday morning, with rising temperatures by the afternoon.


Extremely high fire danger conditions are expected over the eastern parts of the Northern Cape, eastern parts of the Central Karoo, in the Western Cape, and the northwestern part of the Eastern Cape.


Showers and thundershowers are expected over the northern and eastern parts of the Highveld, as well as over the Lesotho Highlands.

Evening drizzle can be expected along parts of the Eastern Cape coastline.


Minimum temperatures are expected to be cool across the country, with warm conditions predicted along the northern border.

Sutherland in the Northern Cape is expected to be one of the coolest places, with an expected minimum temperature of 8°C.

Maximum temperatures are expected to be warm all along the coastline, including the on the west and east coasts.

The central interior of the country is expected to experience hot to very hot conditions, including on the escarpment.

Upington in the Northern Cape are expected to be two of the hottest places, reaching a high of 38°C.

In Gauteng, Pretoria and Johannesburg will reach highs of 31°C.

Bloemfontein is expected to hit 33°C.

Along the coast, Cape Town is expected to reach a high of 24°C, while Port Elizabeth is expected to hit a maximum of 22°C. Durban is expected to reach a high of 28°C.

Courtesy: News24

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