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Severe thunderstorms expected in eastern parts of SA, fire warning for Northern Cape

The new month begins with a 30% to 60% chance of rain expected across most of the country on Thursday, 01 March. While severe thunderstorms are forecast in eastern parts of SA, high fire danger conditions continue in parts of the Northern Cape which sees hot, dry weather for another...
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Fire warning for West Coast, flooding expected in northern Limpopo

While heavy rainfall is expected to continue in northern and eastern parts of SA on Monday, 26 February, a fire danger warning has been issued for places in the country's west. Fire danger warning According to SA Weather Service (SAWS), on Monday, extremely high fire danger conditions are expected in...
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Widespread rain across Eastern and Western Cape over the weekend

A weak cold front hits Cape Town on Friday 23 February, bringing with it some rain for the thirsty Cape Provinces.  A watch has also been issued for severe thunderstorms in Eastern Cape's interior, as well as a fire warning for the western interior of SA. The SA Weather Service...
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Scattered showers across most of SA, fire warning for Northern Cape

30% chance for rain expected in most of South Africa and fire warning issued for western SA on Thursday 22 February.  The SA Weather Service (SAWS) issued a warning of unfounded rumours circulating in the public that a deluge of over 100mm of rain will hit Eastern Cape, potentially cancelling...
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Flash floods warning for the north, fire warning for the west

A heavy rain watch continues for Mpumalanga and Limpopo, while a fire warning has been issued for the western parts of SA on Wednesday 21 February. Heavy rains The SA Weather Service has issued a watch for heavy rainfall that could lead to localised and flash flooding over the eastern...
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Limpopo, Mpumalanga to watch for heavy rain

Rain is expected in the eastern half of SA, including a watch for heavy rains in the far north-eastern provinces on Tuesday 20 February. Temperatures in most of the country will be warm, with very hot temperatures in the Kgalagadi region of Northern Cape. Heavy rains The SA Weather Service...
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