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Eastern parts of Free State will be hit by thunderstorm, hail

Thursday 9 November will see a thunderstorm with hail and wind hitting eastern parts of Free State. There will be isolated showers and thundershowers from the north to the eastern and southern parts of the country, but scattered in places over the eastern interior. The SA Weather Service (SAWS) has...
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Dry Cape braces for gale force winds

Most of South Africa can prepare for a dry and hot day, as the SA Weather Service has warned that parts of the Western Cape should brace for gale force winds of between 65- 80km/h. Fire hazardous conditions Conditions are expected to be particularly strong for the Cape Columbine and...
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Fire warning for central SA, gale force winds in the Cape

The week on Monday 6 November starts off with warm temperatures throughout most of the country and isolated showers in the South and Wild Coast, northern provinces and most of KZN. High fire danger conditions alert and a gale force wind watch has been issued by the SA Weather Service....
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Isolated showers in SA's west as heatwave continues in parts

While isolated showers are expected in the western region, a heatwave continues with high fire danger conditions in parts of SA on Friday, 3 November.  The South African Weather Service (SAWS) advises that a heatwave with persistently high temperatures will be in place across the Eastern, Western and Northern Cape...
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Thunderstorm alert as fire risks continue for parts of SA

It’s going to be another warm day across most of South Africa on Wednesday, as a fire warning has been issued for the central parts of the Northern Cape.  Rain The South African Weather Service warned that showers and thundershowers observed over the extreme western interior and southern parts would...
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Scorching day across most of SA as fire dangers continue

A fire warning has been issued for central SA, including the Northern, Western and Eastern Cape as temperatures hover in the mid-30°Cs for most of the country.  The South African Weather Service (SAWS) warns fire hazardous conditions remain in place across parts of South Africa on Tuesday as maximum temperatures...
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