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Heavy rain in eastern parts of SA and snow in Drakensberg

Tuesday 10 October sees heavy rain for Eastern Cape, KZN and Mpumalanga, as well as snow on Drakensberg in the Eastern Cape due to an intense cut-off low system. Very cold conditions will spread from Eastern Cape and Northern Cape to south-western high lying areas of KZN on Tuesday. Rain...
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Be prepared for adverse weather conditions' across SA

The week begins with numerous advisories from South African Weather Service (SAWS) warning people to "be prepared for adverse weather conditions" expected across the country on Monday, 9 October. According to SAWS, an intense cut-off low system is expected to affect the eastern parts of the Western Cape, south-eastern Northern...
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Heavy rain continues in north-east as temperatures sink across SA

riday, 06 October, is off to a cold, wet start as heavy rainfall and thunderstorms continue in north-eastern parts and temperatures sink across SA. Earlier on Thursday, 05 October, there was heavy snowfall in Lesotho at the Afriski Mountain Resort and in the Drakensberg, as well as flood warnings for...
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Cold front promises much-needed rain in Western Cape

A cold front is due to make landfall in the Western Cape on Tuesday night, 03 October, promising much-needed rain, while extremely high fire danger conditions, gale force winds and rainfall is expected to continue in most parts of SA.   Fire warnings The South African Weather Service warns that extremely...
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Fire warning and gale force winds on Sunshine Coast

The week will kick off with gale force winds on the Sunshine Coast, fire warning for Northern Cape and 60% rain for eastern interior of SA on Monday 2 October. There's scattered showers forecast for the central and eastern provinces of South Africa, with 60% chance rain over Swaziland, eastern...
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Thunderstorms, gale force winds and fire warning

The weekend will kick off with rain, fire warnings, thunderstorms, gale force winds and mostly warm temperatures in various parts of the country on Friday, 29 September. A band of isolated showers and thundershowers is expected from the northwest and north to the central and eastern parts of the country,...
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