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Is cloud seeding the answer for rain in South Africa?

When rain clouds don't gather and a country is in the grip of drought, what options are out there? Well, some nations resort to cloud seeding if all else fails, a special technique used to control rainfall patterns. Cloud seeding is a technique where microscopic particles are sprayed into a cloud. The...

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Antarctic influences weather conditions - Scientists

About 150 international researchers have arrived in Cape Town, following a three-month-long expedition to Antarctica to study climate change. Chief scientist David Walton says the journey combined 22 projects where land, atmospheric and ocean research were undertaken. The scientists say the Antarctic region influences weather conditions and how oceans circulate around...

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NASA catches newly formed Tropical Cyclone 11S

Just after Tropical Cyclone 11S formed in the Southern Indian Ocean NASA's Aqua satellite passed overhead gathering data using infrared light. The Atmospheric Infrared Sounder or AIRS instrument aboard NASA's Aqua satellite looked at Tropical Cyclone 11S in infrared light. The AIRS image was taken on Mar. 8 at 20:41 UTC...

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5 Dead in Madagascar as Cyclone Enawo strikes

Five people are now known to have died in Madagascar from a cyclone that made landfall in the north-east of the island on Tuesday, officials say. The cyclone is the strongest to strike Madagascar in 13 years. Tropical Cyclone Gafilo struck similar areas in 2004 and resulted in the deaths of...

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